GDG Mbarara
Jun 6 - 8, 2019, 10:00 AM (EAT)

About this event

Google I/O 19 Mbarara is the event where we shall jointly watch the Keynote that showcases all the new Google products and technologies.
This event is going to run for 3 days and we shall conduct a number of mini codelabs and mini hack-a-thon that will run for 54 hours and we shall specifically hack transport and agriculture in Uganda. We shall concentrate on learning new google technologies and apis and try building and improving applications that enhance transport and agriculture in the republic of uganda.
We shall have a study jam Kotlin Track that will also run for three days alongside the i/o and interested participants will go learn how to build JVM, android, General and native Kotlin and participants in this track will be fully equipped with knowledge and will also run a mini hack-a-thon on day three to test out their newly acquired skills. So this is going to be another interesting thing about 2019 i/o extended event and i encourage many of you guys to join us.
We are preparing the all the Agendas for the event and all accepted participants will be emailed before 30th May so that you can start planning on traveling to Mbarara.
Note: We are not providing accommodation for anyone apart from our invited Trainers. We don't expect participants to travel from far and then after day one they expect to be provided where to sleep and again we don't provide supper.. We i want you to click the button when you know.
However we have GDGers in Mbarara who woulden't mind hosting you. IF you really want to be part of this event and don't have accomodation inbox me directly and atleast 10 days before so that we can arrange and inform you in advance. This also goes to universities outside Mbarara town, We are not guaranteeing you transport but depending on the support we get, we shall be able to transport you too and from.


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