[Porto] Flutter Talk

UPTEC - n.º 455 Rua Alfredo Allen Porto, 4200-135 - View Map GDG Lisboa
Fri, Apr 28, 5:30 PM (WEST)

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[Porto] Flutter Talk

👋 Description

Welcome to the Flutter community talks, we work to bring Flutter developers together and welcome the new. There will be talks, workshops, and showcases, at various cities in Portugal.

- We have limited seating, please RSVP responsibly.

- Want to have an event at your city? DM us.

📅 Schedule

17:30 - Welcoming

17:40 - "Create images and sound with strings using L-Systems" by Gil Durão

18:30 - "Flutter no Wear OS" by Renan Araújo


🎁 "Create images and sound with strings using L-Systems"

Speaker: Gil Durão, Lead Flutter Developer at Pvotal Technologies


Lindenmayer Systems, or L-Systems, were initially proposed as a parallel string rewrite grammar for modeling algal growth. Shortly after, their application grew to create fractal designs and even generate music. Let's understand how L-Systems work by themselves and how to use them to render graphical outputs and generate sound outputs in Flutter.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gildurao/

🎁 "Flutter no Wear OS"

Speaker: Renan Araújo,Senior Open Source Engineer at Very Good Ventures


An interesting novelty in the area of application development is the use of the Flutter framework to create applications for devices such as smartwatches. This allows developers to create custom user interfaces and provide a consistent, high-quality user experience across devices of this type. The Wear OS operating system, designed specifically for these devices, offers many useful features for app developers, and Flutter is able to take advantage of them. This represents a major breakthrough in the area of app development for smartwatches and other similar devices.

Website: https://renan.gg/

📍Host - UPTEC

A special thanks to UPTEC in accepting us with open arms. Big Kudos

"UPTEC promotes the integration of business projects in a multidisciplinary innovation community, with privileged links to academia, industry and investors. Following a strategy of sharing resources between startups, innovation centers and anchor projects, UPTEC guarantees business projects specialized support, inserting them in a wide and transversal network of national and international partners. UPTEC thus offers a favorable environment for innovation and the creation of companies, while assuming itself as a privileged bridge between the knowledge generated at the University and the market."

Website: https://uptec.up.pt


Friday, Apr 28
5:30 PM - 8:00 PM (WEST)


n.º 455 Rua Alfredo Allen Porto4200-135