Clustering Jenkins with Kubernetes in Google Container Engine

GDG Iasi
Sat, May 13, 2017, 10:00 AM (EEST)

About this event

GDG is proud to host four presentations at @codeCampRO on the 13th of May! We want to share our knowledge and broaden your perspective on the power of Google Technologies.

This enlightening presentation will be a smooth collaboration between Vlad, a dev-ops miracle worker, hungry for the latest technologies, and Alex whose technical skills (and laughter) will knock your socks off; so you can imagine how dev-ops and developers alike will savor this partnership to the max.

Google Container Engine is a managed service that uses Kubernetes as its underlying container orchestration tool. Jenkins masters, slaves, and any containerized application running in the Container Engine will benefit from automatic health checks and restarts of unhealthy containers. They will demonstrate how easy is to set up Jenkins cluster in GKE and how it continuously can deploy microservices.

Note: To get in, you need a free Code Camp ticket, which you can get here:


Who ?   Vlad Panainte and Alex Chelariu

What?   Clustering Jenkins with Kubernetes in the Google Container Engine

When?  13 May, 10:00 AM.

Where? Hotel International, Room 7, floor -1

Why?     GDG rulz \m/