ThirtyInch MVP, Firebase, Android Databinding, World Knowledge Map

GDG Düsseldorf
Thu, Nov 24, 2016, 7:00 PM (CET)

About this event

It's time for the next meetup and again we have amazing talks. Be part of GDG Düsseldorf and attend our monthly events!

Our November event has no less than 4 talks - ThirtyInch MVP, Firebase, Android Databinding, World Knowledge Map

ATTENTION: We have a new host and sponsor for this month - Rheinfabrik. Please check the map for the location and feel free to contact us.

This time we will have 4 talks.
- MVP android library ThirtyInch
- Firebase Database
- Advances Android Databinding
- World Knowledge Map

Pascal from Grandcentrix is talking about the new MVP library ThirtyInch. "I am passionate about Android. I'm focused on a clean tested architecture, beautiful material design and useful libraries with great APIs."

Frederik will hold a talk about Firebase Database and how to structure the data.

"I am a young full-time computer science student living in Germany who's chief interest is creating and inventing new stuff. I see myself as an enthusiastic developer and junior entrepreneur who likes to make the things we all like to dream about become reality. It is my dream to simplify life by making the most out of our immense technical progress and huge knowledge.
Besides from engineering I like to go skydiving, skiing, scuba diving and sometimes I just go out, enjoy the nature and make some photographs with my camera."

Andre is talking about Advanced Android Databinding.

"I am an enthusiastic Android hacker with now more than 7 years of professional experience in Android application development. As freelancer I worked for several companies and participated in international research projects. Today me and my team are engineering enterprise level mobile solutions for national and international companies.
I am strong in Software Craftsmanship and Clean Code advocate with passion for Open Source."

Alex´s talks is about World Knowledge Map.

"I started my career as a developer in 1982 when wrote a program for prime numbers on his commodore vc20. In the following 30 years of doing completely different things I had still been interested in computer development, observing things –and people- changing with computer progression and evolution. I popped up at the GDG Dusseldorf in August with a flash talk about a novel way to share knowledge."

We are looking forward seeing you all at our new location.

Best regards,

your GDG Düsseldorf team