Study Jam Weekend - Android for Beginners - with GDG Düsseldorf

GDG Düsseldorf
Apr 16 - 17, 2016, 10:00 AM (CEST)

About this event

Have you got an interest in Technology?

Are you curious to learn programming?

Do you want to become a creator of technology but don’t know where to start?

Do you have a smartphone, or an interest in Smartphones? Do you specifically have an interest in Android?

Well, this might just be the perfect opportunity for you!

The topic for this year’s Study Jam season is Android for Beginners.

What IS a Study Jam? Study Jams are community driven events, where we get together to learn. The great thing about Study Jams is that we can support and inspire each other - and, because it is an organised event, we also have a facilitator who will be able to assist when we get stuck. We will be using the Udacity course Android for Beginners for this Study Jam.

You don’t need to know anything about Android programming to take this course, what

 you need is

• An interest to learn 

• A computer (one that you have permissions to install on.)

• A bit of free time

• Some patience. You will not become a software developer over one weekend - but it will get you started, if you have an interest, and patience.

It is good if you have an Android phone, for testing, but it isn't a must.

If you have programming experience from before - well, that doesn't hurt, but it is not necessary. You DO need an interest in technology though - and it is helpful if you have an interest in problem solving

This course is however aimed at those who either

• Are new to programming or 

• Have programming experience but never used Android

GDG:s around the globe are organising Study Jams this season. In Düsseldorf we have decided to run our Study Jam over a weekend, other groups may have a different setup - however we are all using the same course material. The course on Udacity assumes 6 hours of work per week for 4 weeks. This means you will not finish during the Study Jam, but you will get a very good start.

After going through the course and finishing your project, within a set time - you have some time after the Study Jam weekend - you will even get a certificate, and Google offer a discount on their nano degrees. So not only do you have the opportunity to meet cool people, learn a new technology, challenge yourself, you actually have a chance to get something in the end as well. 

Some participants from the Study Jam sessions from around the globe will also be offered opportunity to join Google Launchpad with completed app, pending app quality 

Who is this for? As mentioned above, this is for people who wants to learn to program for Android. You do NOT need previous Android experience.  You don't even need to have Android Studio installed before you arrive (but if you do, that doesn't hurt)

Where? And how?
Our sponsor, Scaratec, are kind enough to offer us to use their space. Notice! Space is limited, so signup is absolutely essential! 

We have an excellent and very experienced Android developer who will help us facilitate the event and guide us and help us if we get stuck - Pascal Welsch. We are very happy and excited to have Pascal, who is an engaged member of our community who held several talks and taught us about Android before, be our trainer for this course.

Additionally we also have Wolfram Rittmeyer helping us out - if we can't make it with these two on our side, then I don't know how - Wolfram and Pascal are extremely professional, calm and very good at explaining. 

Thank you both for what you do for our community!

What you need to prepare

Check the Hardware requirements (follow the link)

The course itself you will find here (follow the link)

We will send out a link to all participants with the link to register on Udacity.

Reserve your spot NOW - we offer this for a limited number of attendees, to allow every student to get enough attention and to make sure we have enough room for everyone.

All reservations via Meetup ONLY. You have to make sure you have a confirmed spot on Meetup (waiting list available).

IF you sign up and find out can’t make it, please make sure you cancel your spot so someone else can step in instead.

If you DO know Android already, please leave space for those who don’t - come and join GDG Düsseldorf/Women Techmakers at one of our monthly events instead, where we discuss and learn new technologies - maybe you even have an interesting topic you would like to present?

PS! The event starts ON TIME. and runs over the whole weekend. We expect to be running from 10 to aprox. 5 pm (17:00) both days but if the team decides together that you want to call it a day earlier - that's up to the group. Learning is fun but can be quite exhausting...