#GDGDus Meetup: Google Assistant, Kotlin in production, Cloud App Development

GDG Düsseldorf
Thu, Jul 13, 2017, 6:00 PM (CEST)

About this event

Hi GDG:ers,

the next GDG meetup is around the corner and no one has seen it coming ;-)

Sorry for the short notice! We all have been very busy lately but the more exciting are the topics for the next meetup that you must not miss:

Extending the Google Assistant

Actions on Google allow you to engage users using the voice interface of the Google Assistant. Wolfram Rittmeyer shows you what is possible within the Google Assistant right on time to prepare for Google Home's upcoming market start in Germany. He will show a small sample as to how to use the Actions SDK and an example as to how to use api.ai for your apps. If all goes well, you will see one sample running on his AIY voice kit device (https://aiyprojects.withgoogle.com/voice/).

Kotlin in production - one year later

Thanks to the community, Kotlin became the new language for Android Apps. Pascal Welsch is already using Kotlin for over an year in production and will talk about his learnings covering features and tools you should use and other which are too risky for a long term project.Thinking about adopting Kotlin in your project? Pascal shows the process of adopting Kotlin in all Android Apps at grandcentrix.

Best practices in cloud application development

Web application development is not exactly a new discipline. However, if you'd like to take the full advantage of cloud technologies there are a few things that you should keep in mind BEFORE you start writing your application. Architectural decisions have to be made to ensure your application is scalable and maintainable. Randy Gupta will be talking about best practices in cloud application development. 

We’ll be having dinner and networking at 6pm. Talks are starting at 7pm.

The admission is as always for our monthly meetups free, and thanks to our sponsor sipgate there is also food and beverages for everyone! 

We are looking forward to meet you!

Your GDG Organiser team