Android Bluetooth Deep Dive with Dave Smith

GDG Denver
Tue, Jul 21, 2015, 6:00 PM (MDT)

About this event

Great meetup for July, with a very high quality speaker, below is a talk description and speaker bio ...

Update:  Google has announced Eddystone, and this presentation will cover this exciting new topic!

Bluetooth LE devices that broadcast information, commonly referred to as beacons, are a favorite among IoT enthusiasts. Building context into user applications based on their proximity is an exciting concept. Several specifications, such as iBeacon and AltBeacon, already exist to connect mobile devices to with beacons. Google has their own unique vision for unlocking the power of proximity-based smart devices called UriBeacon.

UriBeacon is an open standard that ties smart beacon devices to the open Web using the most common of resource identifiers: the URI. In this class, we will explore the UriBeacon specification, and how it differs from these other protocols in the marketplace. We will discuss how this specification uniquely integrates with Android’s intent framework for simple app interactions. You will also see examples of how to use the Bluetooth LE APIs to scan for UriBeacon devices in your applications, or turn an Android device into a UriBeacon all its own!

Dave Smith (@devunwired) is the Android Practice Lead at NewCircle, where he is focused on developing courseware materials to train beginning and advanced Android developers alike. He has been working with the Android platform at all levels since 2009, developing custom applications and system components to run Android on embedded platforms or interact with external embedded devices. He is the author of the popular developer cookbook “Android Recipes: A Problem Solution Approach” from Apress, and regularly provides developer tips and sample code through the NewCircle Stream ( and his personal blog (