GDG Constantine
Apr 28 - 29, 9:00 PM (CET)

Women Tech Makers International Women's Day (IWD) campaign brings together thousands of developers to celebrate, connect and learn. Globally it's a moment to recognize the incredible contributions of women around the world, and is also a call to action for accelerating gender equity.

About this event

This year our theme celebrates all kinds of progress - big or small - and the strength we demonstrate when we don’t let fear hold us back from following our dreams.

So often we hold ourselves to impossibly high standards and feel disappointed when we can’t reach them - or worse, we don’t even try. When we let the idea of being perfect go, we allow ourselves the space and freedom to try new things, to make mistakes and to learn. We see that all of our experiences - the good, the bad, and the ugly - have made us who we are today. Instead of striving for perfection, we can strive for growth and discovery. Instead of being fixated on the destination, we enjoy the journey, wherever it takes us.

Our paths aren’t always linear, and we may come across seemingly impossible challenges, but when we celebrate #ProgressNotPerfection, we are celebrating all we’ve accomplished - big and small - and our inner strength and resilience that allowed us to get here.

Our IWD event will be virtual this year, which means you can be a part of it from anywhere in the world!

This year's theme is #ProgressNotPerfection

Join us and let's celebrate women's achievement



April 28 - 29
9:00 PM (CET)


  • BOUAGGA Moahmed Bachir

    BOUAGGA Moahmed Bachir


    Back End Developer

  • Zakaria Bettayeb

    Zakaria Bettayeb

    GDG Constantine Organizer

  • Lyna Bellil

    Lyna Bellil

    GDG Constantine Organizer

  • Loucif Benlefki

    Loucif Benlefki

    GDG Constantine Organizer



    GDG Constantine Organizer

  • Amal Hemaiza

    Amal Hemaiza

    GDG Constantine Organizer

  • Ammar Hannachi

    Ammar Hannachi

    GDG Constantine Organizer

  • Kawther Bouali

    Kawther Bouali

    GDG Constantine Organizer