Google Places API proxy w/ App Engine and NYC Subway Mapping

GDG Cloud Twin Cities
Wed, Apr 27, 6:00 PM (CDT)

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Ever feel lost?  Without maps that must have been commonplace.  Luckily we have Google Maps to help us find the way, and for developers there are Google Maps APIs (developers use these APIs to utilize Google Maps services).  

This is the final event in a three week quest to learn more about Google Maps APIs in Google Cloud.  We'll need to bring what we've learned about Google Maps in the last event.  This event is all about learning by using Maps APIs with two hands-on labs where we build a web proxy and create a store locator using subway station data. 

At this event you will get to practice working with Google App Engine and the Google Maps JavaScript API, hands-on. 

This week's hands-on labs:

Google Maps Web Services Proxy for Mobile Applications

In this lab, you'll build a Google App Engine proxy for the Google Places API web service.

Mapping the NYC Subway

In this lab you’ll build a store locator web application for the NYC (New York City) Subway Station data set and create a scalable map of the stations.

You'll work through Google Cloud labs to get hands-on experience and when you complete each whole quest, you earn a badge for your LinkedIn!

With the help of great volunteers, Jeff Williams (Google Tech Lead - UC Berkeley) and Elaine Chan (CS - Western Michigan University) lead the group through weekly events using Qwiklabs to help you learn more about Cloud Computing and running your projects on Google servers in the cloud.

Invite a friend who could benefit, and we'll be happy to help them also get access to and to help them get started

Don't miss out on the fun on Wednesdays as we learn cloud computing skills, one week at a time, with a goal of helping you level up!

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  • Jeff Williams

    Jeff Williams

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    Google Tech Lead

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  • Elaine Chan

    Elaine Chan

    Western Michigan University

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