Cloud Monitoring: Autoscaling in Google Cloud

GDG Cloud Twin Cities
Wed, May 25, 2022, 6:00 PM (CDT)

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Imagine a construction project increasing in scope by 4x.  The project manager then asking for a bigger bulldozer, or two bulldozers, etc, could make a lot of sense.  Later on in the project when the work has almost fully completed, the project could scale down to one bulldozer.  That flexibility is the benefit of renting equipment and has an analog in cloud computing.

While working with computer systems on-premise or in the cloud, being ready to scale up and down automatically is often touted as a goal, but daunting to get right in practice.  Have you ever planned on growing based on demand, like in the construction example above?  When your app takes off and becomes the big new thing, you need to scale quickly, and ideally automatically based on demand.  

Monitoring your servers can drive the autoscaling decisions to dynamically have the right amount of capacity provisioned for your needs at any point in time.  In this quest on Google Cloud's Operations Suite, we'll be working with Google Cloud Monitoring to report on application metrics and to autoscale an instance group. 

This is all about learning to manage your servers and services better in Google Cloud Platform.

At this event you will get to practice working with Compute Engine, OpenCensus, and Google Cloud Monitoring. 

This week's hands-on labs:

Reporting Application Metrics into Cloud Monitoring

In this lab you will run an application on Compute Engine instance and report the application’s metrics into Cloud Monitoring using the OpenCensus library.

Autoscaling an Instance Group with Custom Cloud Monitoring Metrics

This lab describes how to deploy an autoscaling Compute Engine instance group that is automatically scaled using a custom Cloud monitoring metric

You'll work through Google Cloud labs to get hands-on experience and when you complete each whole quest, you earn a badge for your LinkedIn!

With the help of great volunteers, Jeff Williams (Google Tech Lead - UC Berkeley) and Elaine Chan (CS - Western Michigan University) lead the group through weekly events using Qwiklabs to help you learn more about Cloud Computing and running your projects on Google servers in the cloud.

Invite a friend who could benefit, and we'll be happy to help them also get access to and to help them get started

Don't miss out on the fun on Wednesdays as we learn cloud computing skills, one week at a time, with a goal of helping you level up!

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