DevFest 2021: Flutter

GDG Cloud Thunder Bay
Sat, Oct 30, 2021, 10:00 AM (EDT)

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About this event

Who says development isn’t collaborative? Who says coding can’t be fun?

Come and code along with us in this unique, shared development experience in which we’ll learn how to build UI Layouts effectively using Flutter while having some coding fun along the way.

For DevFest 2021, we have 2 speakers:

- Roman Jaquez

- Pranav Bhatt

Roman Jaquez, Flutter GDE, GDG Lawrence Lead Organizer and GDG Mentor for the Northeast will be leading this highly interactive session where he’ll share tips and tricks of Flutter UI development with guided, self-paced codelabs, custom-made for this event.

In this event, you will:

     Learn how to build UI Layouts effectively using Flutter

     Make a simple 3-page Flutter Application / (Splash Screen, Landing Page, List Page)

     Create Flutter User interfaces with ease

     Use common Flutter Layout strategies using just core widgets

     Create Dart models to mock up app data

      Apply basic Navigation strategies

Pranav Bhatt is a young Flutter developer and enthusiast. Currently in his senior year of high school, creating apps and android projects is his favorite hobby. Pranav has recently launched his first android application on Google Play Store which is based on location-sharing in normal or emergency modes. He is currently working on an application for enhancing mental health of individuals.

 Pranav will talk about-

    1. Interact with Numerous Widgets and Packages in Flutter:

     What Widgets are in Flutter.

    Container Widget

    TextButton Widget

    Rows & Columns

    Stack & Positioned Widget

    SizedBox Widget

    avatar_glow package

    connectivity package

     2. Animations In Flutter:

     Discuss what is meant by animation in Flutter.

     Various types of Animations in Futter.

     Implement several animations in an App

     3. Implementing a fully Functional Sign-In and Register Page for an App Using Firebase as a Service.

This session shows how easily one can associate their app with the services provided by Google's Firestore. A little peek into the newly booming provider package is given and how it helps in determining whether a User is signed in or not is explained. Then of course, the Signing Out functionality will also be shown along with an overview of what other features Firebase provides

Pre-requisites: NONE! This series is beginner-friendly - no installation required, just your browser (we’ll be using DartPad, a web-based IDE for Flutter Development) and we'll be using LiveShare, a web-based Visual Studio Code Plugin for real-time collaborative development.

Flutter Coding Session:

We’ll pick people randomly among the attendees who sign up for the Coding Roulette during the session, to come up and code a portion of the codelab by giving them read/write access to the virtual session. If you sign up and get picked to code, you'll get a LiveShare link, through which you can either join via a web-based coding session or if you prefer to do it via Visual Studio Code, you can do it too. That way we’ll make it collaborative, and give everyone a minute to shine! More details during the event.


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