Deliver Serverless Solutions with Knative and Riff

GDG Cloud Philly
Tue, Oct 30, 2018, 6:30 PM (EDT)

About this event

For October's meetup will be presented by Dodd Pfeffer who is a Sr. Platform Architect at Pivotal Software. This month we'll be learning all about Functions as a Service.

Kubernetes is a fantastic place to run your applications. But it's resources and abstractions are at a fairly low level for common, every day development activities. Knative is a new open source project that extends kubernetes to help build modern, source centric and container based applications. It introduces three new higher-level abstractions: building, serving, and eventing. The combination of these three, along with istio, provide the building blocks for serverless solutions.

Project riff is a function as a service framework for creating and running polyglot functions. Tight integrations exist between riff and Knative as components of riff have been contributed to Knative and Knative now powers riff.

At this event, we'll introduce key components of Knative and riff. We will provision a new GKE cluster and install Knative and riff. We'll deploy a serverless solution that leverages each of the components. Along the way let's discuss serverless use cases and ideas from among the group.


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