Google Cloud Melbourne Meetup (April)

GDG Cloud Melbourne
Thu, Apr 12, 2018, 6:00 PM (AEST)

About this event

Here's the menu for April. Doors open for drinks at 6:00pm, and talks will kickoff at 6:30pm. There will also be pizza, and when the talks finish up there will be more time for drinks and networking. Look forward to seeing you then! There will be two talks on the night:

From 50 to 15000 RPS on GCP: Dmitry Pokidov (Pixboost)

Pixboost ( was officially launched as a shiny startup a couple of months ago. However, it has been a long journey for more than a year to get to where we are now. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has been chosen as the main deployment platform. I'll show what components from GCP we are using, what problems we faced, and how we solved them. The main focus will be Kubernetes and what you shouldn't deploy on it! I'll also explain why we selected GCP over AWS and do a bit of comparison.

Connected vineyard on Google's Cloud IoT Core: Brett Henderson & Pat Eckel (DigIO)

DigIO ( have built a solution to support a connected vineyard that considers soil moisture, temperature and external data sources to make predictions on when and how much to water. The solution leverages open source sensors, the LoRa network and Google's Cloud IoT Core. We have pulled together our MVP which is an end to end flow from sensor data to the actuation of a watering device and have a number of interesting lessons across sensors, network and Cloud IoT core. In this talk, we'll give a brief overview of the solution and how Cloud IoT Core is used!