GDG Cloud Melbourne September Meetup

GDG Cloud Melbourne
Thu, Sep 14, 2017, 6:00 PM (AEST)

About this event

Doors open for drinks at 6pm, and talks will kickoff at 6:30pm. There'll also be pizza, and when the talks finish up there'll be more time for drinks and networking. Look forward to seeing you then! 

Serverless Microservices with GCP's AppEngine
(Suken Shah, Shine Solutions)

Everyone loves developing serverless microservices. Two hottest topics in software development technology trends these days. While a lot of focus is on AWS lambdas and GCP functions, we'll be looking at a different contender for developing and deploying microservices. Why I feel GCP's App Engine is a complete PaaS solution. It's scalable, flexible, cost effective and is packed with tons of features.

Lightning talk on Go
(Francesc Campoy, Google)

Some cool stuff on Go!

DevOps, Scalable Ops & SRE
(Scott Thomson, Google)

Despite the marketing materials, there really isn't any such thing as "no-ops" and "serverless".  There are always ops and always servers.  This talk covers some of Google "scalable ops" tools and Site Reliability Engineering practices.

Scott is a combination digital strategy consultant, digital marketer, CTO, technology strategist/evangelist and developer / amateur hack. He works for Google in customer solutions and innovation in the data platforms group across APAC. Prior to this, he worked with Adobe assisting C-level executives across APAC with digital strategy and digital transformation.  Scott previously held the role of CTO for Qmecom, an Australian startup focused on personalised video advertising for mobiles, and has worked for major organisations, including Telstra and Sensis, delivering digital marketing and digital products.