GDG Cloud Melbourne October Meetup

GDG Cloud Melbourne
Thu, Oct 12, 2017, 6:00 PM (AEDT)

About this event

Doors open for drinks at 6pm, and talks will kickoff at 6:30pm. There'll also be pizza, and when the talks finish up there'll be more time for drinks and networking. Look forward to seeing you then! 


Paul Boonyarungsrit (3wks)
Paul is a full stack developer at 3wks, an experienced Google Cloud partner. For the past year he has been building apps with various GCP products.

Recently 3wks hosted a booth at the Google Cloud Summit in Sydney, where we featured voice controlled robots, designed to showcase GCP tools.  I will be walking through the tech behind the bots to demonstrate how easy it is to focus on coding and not have to worry about ops.

The tech we will cover includes:
- Actions on Google (apps for the Google Assistant)
- Cloud Functions
- Firebase Realtime Database

Andrés Castaño (Papercut)
Refactoring for cost in Appengine and Datastore

When we went live with our free product almost a year ago, we noticed that our operation cost was too high for the volume of request that we had. In this talk I will share the anti-patterns that we have identified and the changes we have made to make the application more cost-efficient.

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