Introduction to Service Mesh for Microservices Using Kubernetes and Istio

GDG Cloud Emirates
Tue, Sep 11, 2018, 6:30 PM (GMT+4)

About this event

Level - Beginner to Intermediate
Format - Presentation (1 hour) + Hands-on (1 hour)

In this session we will introduce the concept of service mesh and its use with Microservices. The tentative schedule for the session:
1- Introduction to Kubernetes -
2- Overview of Microservices
3- Requirement for Service Mesh
4- Introduction to Istio -
5- [1 hour] hands-on to run the Istio/Kubernetes example microservices locally

For the hands-on Codelab there are two options to do it, either on the cloud or locally on your laptop
1- For the Cloud, sign up for Google Cloud account:
2- For running locally, setup Minikube as described here: