Google Cloud: Revisiting the Basics (part 1 of a series)

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About this event

We are starting a series of Google Cloud meetup sessions that will be introducing the primary concepts of the platform. This will be perfect if you are new to the area or as a refresher if you haven't used it in a while. All the sessions will be recorded for your subsequent review or if you wish to catch up on ones you missed. Each session will give you an appreciation of a specific area … but not in exhaustive detail. The goal is to give you enough knowledge to be able to begin a simple task.

In the first session, we are going to cover the fundamentals of Google Cloud. This will include:

What is Google Cloud?
- How you can sign up for it for no cost.
- The major components you will encounter:
- Cloud Console
- Compute Engines
- Networking
- Storage
- Security
- Databases
- Serverless components
- A brief list of the other components

We will conclude with a walk through of signing up for an account, launching Cloud Console, creating a Compute Engine and logging into it. Finally, we will install a web server and show it running.

We will also unlock QwikLabs where you can experiment yourself and finally give you a puzzle to achieve to test your understanding.

The plan is to host one of these growth sessions every three weeks for as long as interest holds. If you would like to hear about alternative topics or a discussion on one of these sessions peaks your interest, let us know and we will insert deeper or more specialized topics as needed.

This event will be held virtually via Google Meet and the meeting will open to join at 5pm, with a presentation start time of 5:30pm

Who Should Attend:
- anyone new to Google Cloud or looking to brush up on the basics
- students and professionals just now starting to work with cloud tech and tools
- experienced GCPers that may be interested in seeing how some of the components of Google Cloud have changed since you first experienced them