February Cloud Meeting

GDG Cloud Copenhagen
Tue, Feb 5, 2019, 6:00 PM (CET)

About this event

Hey friends, happy new year, another year in the clouds are ahead of us! 😄Come join us for a evening where we will talk about Google Cloud and what exciting things we can do this year!

Time schedule:
18:00 Doors open
18:30 Welcome to GDG Cloud
18:35 Debugging HTTP traffic in full detail on GKE - Niels Martin Søholm Jensen
19:00 Snacks and something to drink
19:20 Monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana - Kevin Simper
19:55 Break
20:10 Lightning talk - You?
20:00 Thank you for today!

Niels Martin Søholm - Debugging HTTP traffic in full detail on GKE
- As our infrastructure becomes more distributed and abstract we often find that low-level debugging becomes harder. Occasionally we run into issues that can only be resolved by diving down into the details. This talk is about a challenge which led to a hypothesis that could only be verified by logging full HTTP requests from a GKE cluster. I will show you how we went about that with no third-party systems and with safe handling of customer data. Additionally, I will talk a bit about our systems and what it was like to start a tiny company up from scratch on GCloud.

What is GDG Cloud Copenhagen?
It is a meetup group that is organized by the community and helped by Google with resources to provide the best experience for the community in Copenhagen to learn about cloud and the Google Cloud platform.

Can I present something at the meetup?
Yes, you are very welcome to come and present your ideas/solutions. We really admire and actively promote talks that help the community to get a new look at something or see how something is used in other companies!

Friendly regards
GDG Cloud organizer