Event Driven Architecture, What is it? How does it work? and why is it important

GDG Cloud Cape Town
Tue, Aug 13, 2019, 4:30 PM (SAST)

About this event

Join us at our next GDG meet up at the awesome Wigroup Offices in Cape Town - where Mogen Naidoo will be giving a talk on:
Event Driven Architecture (EDA)
1. Why is it important today?
2. What is it?
3. How it works?
4. Considerations and Transitioning to EDA
5. Linking EDA to Serverless Compute and Microservices
6. Where do I start with EDA?
Mogen Naidoo is Founder and Managing Director of IT Services company Qina Group (Pty) Ltd, Telecommunications company 316 Network Holdings (Pty) Ltd. and holds a position of Board of Directors on Fiat-Cryptocurrency trading platform African Coin Exchange. He is a recognized conference and public speaker to educators, non-profits, business and corporations. Much of his speaking engagements involves topics relevant to how the industry computes today, such as Cloud Computing, Big Data, Blockchain, AI, VR, AR. Robotics, Social Business, Mobility and Cyber Security. Mogen has extensive experience in Advisory, Analytics, Consulting, Research and Audit & Risk from his time at FNB, KPMG, IDC and Frost & Sullivan. Mogen holds a Master’s degree in Information Systems from the University of Cape Town.

We will end the evening off with some free drinks and Pizza's