Build Actions for Your Community! - Part 2

GDG Casablanca
Sat, Jul 21, 2018, 10:00 AM (GMT+1)

About this event

* Introduction
Welcome dear GDG & WTM Casablanca community,
This time Google supported event to let developers learn how to build Apps for the Google Assistant that are useful for our community - whether it's a professional network, interest group, or their hometown.
The “Build Actions for Your Community” event is targeted at all levels of developers and we hope to see some great Actions on Google come out as a result and all of you have a ton of fun exploring what you can do with Google Assistant. We’ll provide you with content to learn how to create and actually build Actions on Google. They will be featured online and may even be showcased at the Google I/O Community Lounge.

Also, we have a very special speaker, he is a Google Developer expert sir Mohamed Guendouz, our speaker is a very passionate Android developer. He is also an active member and organizer at GDG SBA, he enjoys organizing tech events and loves to speak at them to support his local community and helps local developers through meetings, hangouts, and blogs. He also helps some Algerian startups in their projects by coaching and helping them in developing their Android apps.
Currently, Mohamed is preparing a Ph.D. thesis on Big Data and Social Networks Analysis. He published some research papers in several international conferences and journals.
you can check their profile:

* Agenda
09h:00 Registration
10h:00 Welcome
10h:20 Building Conversational Experiences & Conversational Design
11h:00 Coffee Break
11h:15 Discover Google Assistant & DialogFlow
11h:50 Codelab: Build a conversational App
13h:00 Lunch
14h:00 Creating your own Actions for the Google Assistant
16h:00 Feedback on the Actions on Google Platform
16h:30 Demos of your Actions
17h:10 Wrap Up
17h:20 event ends - Networking

* Tags: #buildactions #GoogleAssistant #GDGCasablanca #WTMCAsablanca

* Don't forget your Laptop !!

* Important
Free access, lunch not included