IN-PERSON: International Women's Day Lightning Talks 2023

Google - 2930 Pearl St Boulder, 80301 GDG Boulder
Wed, Mar 8, 6:00 PM (MST)

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Google Developer Group Boulder in back and in-person for International Women's Day at 6:00pm with an evening of Lightning Talks from women in the Colorado tech community!

About this event


Google Developer Group Boulder in back and in-person to celebrate International Women's Day at 6:00pm on with an evening of Lightning Talks from women in the Colorado tech community on March 8th at Google.

Snacks and drinks will be provided!

Registration for this event is now closed.

This is our first in-person event since COVID, and one of the first in-person events at the Google offices in Boulder. As with GDG Boulder events in the past, registration is required for entry and the number of attendees will be limited to 50. Google requires proof of immunization at the door to enter.

Lightning Talks

  • Lesley Pace - Diving into UXR: How Support People are Valuable in Research - Join UXR Lesley-Pace Gormley as she recounts her journey of challenging career pivots and how transferable skills are the key to transition.
  • Erin Kearns - Coding Like Your Life Depends on It: Tales from the operating room and how it changed my coding style - Erin Kearns shares her experience of writing software in the medical device industry and shares some tips on how to write code that not only works but also does not fail.
  • Sheelah Brennan - Harnessing the Power of CSS Variables - Sheelah Brennan will dive into the world of web development with CSS custom properties, covering how to use them, why they're so useful, and demoing several use cases where they are most powerful.
  • Carolyn Ujcic - Take action & get involved in AI & ML - Learn how to get involved in the AI & machine learning community. This session will give you an array of actionable resources and tools to advance your knowledge.
  • Sanaz Zakeri - In App Chat Phishing

  • Sofie Graham - Why Systems Evolve - Let's talk about some common technological challenges faced as our systems evolve throughout the lifecycle of a product: From pre-product/market fit to a popular product at scale.

Requirements For Entry

  • RSVP required for entrance (registration is now closed)
  • ID & Proof of vaccination status required at the door for entry to this event on the Google campus.
  • Attendance limited to 50. First come first serve ... doors will close once 50 attendees is reached. (see below for notifications).

COVID-19 Vaccination Status

Your health is important to us and we are taking precautions to be safe when we gather. With this, it is required that all external guests verify their vaccination status in the lobby at guest

check in. If you are unable to provide visual proof of vaccination, you will not be permitted to enter Google buildings.

It is important that you stay home if you are not feeling well. Prior to traveling or coming onsite, we encourage everyone to test at home and to test on a regular basis to monitor your

health. If you have any questions or concerns about the event, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your event host.

Valid Forms of Vaccination Verification Include:

● Physical vaccination card

● Photo of vaccination card

● Official Digital records of vaccination from your vaccine provider and/or public health authority

Google Parking 

Welcome to the Google Boulder office!

We are fortunate to be able to provide parking for visitors and event guests. Please review the information provided to ensure your parking experience is a pleasant one.


Access the Google parking garage from the alley on the South side of the Google buildings off of 30th street.

After parking, please locate the B1 or C1 elevator and take it up to the lobby ( 1). Upon exiting the elevator, you will see our reception desk where you can go to get checked in and receive further instruction!

Event Guest and Visitor Parking

At our Pearl St location, visitor parking is located on level P0 of our parking garage. Once at the garage entrance, use the intercom system to buzz our receptionist, provide the name of the employee you are visiting or event you are attending and access will be granted!

Visitor parking spots are located to your immediate left once you enter the garage. If all visitor spots are filled, just keep driving down the levels until you meet our valet team who can then assist you in finding an open space.

Other Parking Options

There is free street parking on Mapleton, West of 30th Street (0.3 mi walk).

There is a free parking garage at the Northwest corner of Canyon Blvd and 30th Street (0.4 mi walk).

Ride Sharing

The easiest way to access a ride share (Uber, Lyft, etc) is just across the Pearl Courtyard, adjacent to the Chase Bank parking lot. See the inset green arrow for additional location information.

Code of Conduct

Google Developer Community Guidelines



Wednesday, Mar 8
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (MST)


2930 Pearl St Boulder80301