I/O Extended 2019 Berkeley

GDG Berkeley
Wed, Jun 19, 2019, 6:00 PM (PDT)

About this event

Google I/O Extended events are focused on bringing the local developer community together to experience the keynote and other main Google I/O sessions.

This year, we aim to watch video highlights of the best announcements from I/O 2019. Following that we will host a few talks about cool and new news from I/O!


Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and Service Workers (by Amogh Agnihotri)

What do you think might be common between Instagram, Pinterest, The Weather Channel, Flipboard? They're all PWAs - website by design, app by experience.

Join us for an overview on the technology behind how such app-like websites are built. Learn about the benefits of building a PWA for your mobile site, and find out how to identify and evaluate one. At the heart of PWA is the idea of Service Workers and this talk will give some insight into the concept. Also discover some potential pitfalls you might encounter as you transform your current website into a PWA - based on real-career experiences!

Attendees from all backgrounds are welcome.


Intro to Tensorflow 2.0 (by Taylor Yang)

We will host a step by step walkthrough using Tensorflow 2.0 on training a model using the Fashion MNIST dataset.


Venue space is limited to 20 people and will be first come first serve. Please bring your laptop to participate!