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▪️ #DevFest2022 marks the beginning of a new decade for the Google Developer Groups community ▪️

This will be the 11th year of DevFest 🎉 and the GDG community will continue to explore how Google’s suite of developer tools can expand the impact of local tech professionals and developers. Whether a GDG community is passionate about expanding opportunities and elevating the knowledge of their local developers on the latest Google developer tools, or exploring how to use Google technologies to generate social and economic impact - DevFests are an incredible platform for developers to connect locally, learn and build on Google’s tools.

 ▪️ 5 reasons to JOIN  #DevFest2022 season ▪️

🟡 To become a part of big GDG family, grow network and connect with other GDGs from all over the world

🟡 Gain advices from experienced Experts and Googlers to grow personally and professionally

🟡 To learn Google developer products and discover new features & use cases

🟡 To build and scale a safe area of tech-minded people in your region

🟡 To generate social impact by using the support provided by GDG program

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